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Wish English Studies について

Wish English Studies (ウィッシュ・イングリッシュ・スタディーズ) は英会話スクールで、生徒さん、保護者さん、講師達の英語習得への願いを込めて名付けました。












Wish English Studies is an English conversation school named from our hopes of fulfilling the English learning wishes of our community’s students, parents, and teachers.


The environment created at Wish inspires our students to enjoy learning a new language!

In our kindergarten classes, children learn English through fun activities, dancing, and music. 

For elementary school students and above, our educational materials are used during classroom time where we practice reading, writing, and speaking. Desk time is important, so let’s have fun! The energy from playing fun games after book time always boosts memorizing and joy for learning. 


In order to improve conversational skills, we focus on common key phrases that can be utilized in daily life. To assist learning at school and at home, Wish distributes new copies of original conversation phrases every month to keep our goals and standards high. These helpful phrases can be easily memorized by our students through constant repetition and practice. Applying these methods increases success throughout our student’s language learning journey. Pronunciation and intonation are extremely important when learning to speak a new language naturally. To deliver the best experience, all our classes are taught by wonderful native English teachers who love to help.

Although it is difficult to hold seasonal events due to the pandemic, planning fun activities while maintaining the safety of our students and teachers is our top priority.  We aim to create a school that makes you happy and eager to attend every Wish English Studies class.

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